JNF UK has been helping to build the Jewish homeland for over 120 years.

In realising Ben Gurion’s dream of populating the Negev – the desert region – JNF UK is funding projects working in partnership with local municipalities. Priority is given to disadvantaged communities who don’t have access to the same opportunities afforded to towns in the centre of the country.

JNF UK is at the forefront of change, whether in the field of education, health or the environment. Regenerating this entire region, with a planned population of over 2 million inhabitants, is the biggest domestic challenge Israel has ever undertaken. JNF UK is heloing ensure that citizens of the Negev have equal opportunites for both personal and professional growth that would not have been possible if these underdeveloped parts of Israel were not transformed.

A recent project, ‘The House of Excellence’ in Kiryat Malachi, is an innovative education and community initiative that boasts an auditorium, technology suite and multimedia facilities amongst its services. The programmes are available free of charge, in order that no student misses out. Projects such as this underpin JNF UK’s vision that no one is left behind.