Our Services

We are the leading Jewish Wills and Estate Planning organisation

KKL arranges Will drafting and provides Estate Planning, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Estate Administration advice and services. Our legal team continues to keep up-to-date with changing developments in these areas of law. We combine thorough professionalism with our caring pastoral service which exceeds anything a private solicitor’s practice can offer. Our familiarity with Jewish religious practice means we can provide the support needed by community members in connection with their death, by helping with funeral arrangements and arranging for Kaddish to be said.

Making a Will

It is suggested that 7 out of 10 of us die without having made a Will. Others find that the Will that they have made is invalid or has not been updated with important changes in family or in financial circumstances or to take account of new tax laws.

Estate and Trust Administration

It will be up to your Executor to make sure that your Will is properly administered and the full value of the Estate is realised.

Inheritance Tax Planning

If you receive proper advice on planning your lifetime finances effectively, it may be possible to reduce your Inheritance Tax bill.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Coping with failing health can be a traumatic experience. KKL can help you reduce the stress and worry that accompanies ill health and diminishing capabilities.

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