Pastoral Care

Pastoral care underpins KKL’s work and we are making sure that we connect with clients reassuring them that they are not forgotten.

We have two members of staff dedicated to keeping in touch with clients by phone, visiting them at home or meeting for coffee if they are able to get out and about. Regular contact with clients is a crucial part of the services that the department offers. We produce newsletters with interesting articles and puzzles to keep clients busy. This is particularly welcomed by clients who have little or no access to the internet. When we are able, we make hospital visits to clients who are unfortunately unwell, many of whom have no other visitors.

There is a powerful ripple effect to all this. The KKL team sees the pleasure and hope that these activities generate among our clients who have demonstrated their concerns for the community and for Israel through their legacies. These leave a footprint on future generations and encourage the hopes and aspirations of all who benefit from them”

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